50º Colóquio de filosofia: sexta-feira 07/10 às 11h, sala L540 – “The Will’s Free Choice: Did Descartes Change His Mind in the Principles?”


Thomas M. Lennon, PhD Ohio State 1968, spent his whole career at the University of Western Ontario retiring in 2011. Almost all of his published work has been in the history of early modern philosophy, comprising over a hundred articles and several books, most notably, The Battle of the Gods and Giants: The philosophical legacies of Descartes and Gassendi, 1638-1715 ( Princeton University Press, 1993), Reading Bayle (University of Toronto Press, 1999), The Plain Truth: Descartes, Huet, and Skepticism (Brill, 2008).

Abstract: There is an an on-going debate in the literature over the question as to whether Descartes was a libertarian on freedom of the will. The Meditations suggests that he was not,  but a later text indicates that he was. Some commentators think that he must have changed his mind on the question in the Principles. This paper argues that the Principles is not at all a libertarian text.


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